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  AirTech II

 Rear Van Conversion Air Conditioner and Heating System


The following is an explanation of the AirTechII rear van conversion A/C-Heat system built for East Coast Custom Vehicles.

One of the goals East Coast Custom Vehicles had in mind for the design of the AirTechII system was to improve greatly from the rear van systems then being offered. With the new refrigerant R-134a and developing technologies that are available to us today, it was our desire to engineer a system to perform the following:

Increased cooling performance

Quieter blower motor

Substantially more airflow from vents

Longer-life motor

We have achieved all the above with the AirTechII system.

System Description

Many of the rear air/heat systems on the market today pull the air first through the single combination heater-A/C coil into the blowers. The air is then sent into the distribution ducts. This is a very common approach in order to package all the components into a small space. The negative side of this approach is that the air passes through the heater section, then the A/C section, and then passes around the blower motor where it picks up additional heat from the motor. This arrangement also is extremely sensitive to any air-intake leakage around the blower housing, which dilutes the conditioned air and increases the discharge temperature.

The current systems use a very outdated 3-speed, wire-wound DC motor that is very noisy and not capable of a long life. These systems also place the motor in the extreme temperature of the heater and A/C airflow, which will affect motor life.

AirTechII: Air enters the AirTech II unit directly into the blower assembly. The air then passes through the entire A/C coil and is forced into the distribution ducts. Unlike current systems, all airflow passes through the high capacity 24,000-BTU evaporator coils for maximum efficiency. East Coast Custom Vehicles testing has proven a 7- to 10-degree improvement of air-discharge temperature in actual applications.

The AirTechII heat system works in either the heat or the defrost position, and is what we call a series reheat for the air path to move through two independent heat exchangers. The rear unit can also be used for rear window defogging.

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