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Custom vans Recreational vehicles Including Mark III, Glaval, Explorer, Starcraft, Regency, Rocky Ridge, Cobra, Rockwood, Midwest, Foretravel, Gulfstream,   Holiday Rambler, Seabreeze, Southwind and Bounder By Fleetwood,  Pace Arrow and hundreds more.  East Coast Custom Vehicles has taken over  the Atwood line of manufacturing and supplying parts for the custom van and recreational vehicle industry. We have parts for over Five Hundred Custom Van and Recreational Vehicle companies and have preformed warranty work on most of them. At all times, we have over one million custom van conversion parts in stock and available to you! All parts are either original replacements or improved models or versions of your original custom van manufacturers parts.

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Complete Rear Air Units


 540/550 Commuter Inwall EvaporatorBTU Cooling 30,000/CFM 550  
BTU Heating 32,000 /CFM 550 
Dimensions: 60" x 6.25" x 75" 
540/550 Commuter In-Wall. The model 540/550 Commuter In-Wall was designed for the small bus market. Designed to be used as a max system, this unit can be built into overhead cabinets where appearance and performance matters. Available in heat and cool or cool only. 7.21 Amps @ 13.5 Volts
3 Speeds
Weight: 46 lbs. 

915 Standard

915 standard airconditioning and heatinf four hole nose BTU Cooling 30,000/CFM 454 
 BTU Heating 45,000/CFM 454
front faceplate assembly  Dimensions: 11.25" x 19" x 10.75"
 Available in both Vertical and Horizontal Discharge

Available as a Free blowing or Ducted Model 915-50 001 281

12 Amps @ 13.5 Volts
 Weight: 26 lbs. 


 916 super 4 hole nose BTU Cooling 38,000/CFM 620 
 BTU Heating 60,000/CFM 620
916 faceplate  Dimensions: 16.0" x 17.5" x 10.75"
Available in both Vertical and Horizontal Discharge

Available as a Free blowing or Ducted Model  916-50 001 275

 18 Amps @ 13.5 Volts
 Weight: 30.2 lbs.


 917 super 4 hole nose  BTU Cooling 50,000/CFM 666
 BTU Heating 75,000/CFM 666
faceplate  Dimensions: 19.25" x 17.5" x 10.75"
 Available in both Vertical and Horizontal Discharge

Available as a Free blowing or Ducted Model 917-50 001 276 

 18 Amps @ 13.5 Volts
 Weight: 35.5 lbs



980 heat cool unit BTU Cooling 32,000/CFM 500
BTU Heating 38,000/CFM 500 
 Dimensions: 18" x 13.5" x 6.5"
Model 980-50 000 998 or cool only ...999 17 Amps @ 13.5 Volts
Weight: 23.5 lbs. 


 340 cooling unitBTU Cooling 26,000/CFM 630 
BTU Heating 28,000/CFM 630 
 Dimensions: 26.25" x 14" x 9.25"
 340-50 001 261 16.3 Amps @ 13.5 Volts
 Weight: 36 lbs.


526/552 Overhead Evaporator

526 cooling or 552 cooling and heat BTU Cooling 28,000/CFM 480 
BTU Heating 28,000/CFM 480
Dimensions: 33.75" x 12" x 5.5"  
The Model 526 is a medium temperature cooling unit designed for use in delivery trucks, shuttle vans, produce and flower delivery, and handicap vehicles. It is used with items that do not require a refrigerated environment. The unit uses twin dual ball bearing, three speed motors. It is also available as a heating and cooling unit. Model 552-50 001 027 or 125 21 Amps @ 13.5 Volts
 Weight: 23.5 lbs.



Atwood Blower Housing

NOW AVAILABLE parts list & instructions

AC Wiring Diagrams


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 RECREATIONAL VEHICLE  custom  graphics are available in original colors and styles exactly the way your custom graphics package  was originally meant to be! Most graphics kits are normally in stock.  If not it should only take a day or two to cut it for you! Of course you need to visit our custom van running boards and truck running boards pages where we can almost always find some sort of match to the boards that you originally had! Don't forget to visit the links to starcraft vans club

Many of the rear air/heat systems on the market today pull the air first through the single combination heater-A/C coil into the blowers. The air is then sent into the distribution ducts. This is a very common approach in order to package all the components into a small space. The negative side of this approach is that the air passes through the heater section, then the A/C section, and then passes around the blower motor where it picks up additional heat from the motor. This arrangement also is extremely sensitive to any air-intake leakage around the blower housing, which dilutes the conditioned air and increases the discharge temperature.