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 Mark III CUSTOM VANS Graphics

 graphics are available in original colors and styles exactly the way your custom van was originally meant to be! Most graphics kits are normally in stock. If not, it should only take a day or two to cut it for you! Of course you need to visit our custom van running boards and truck running boards pages where we can almost always find some sort of match to the boards that you originally had! Don't forget to visit the links to starcraft vans  and check our clearance page too   starcraft vans club,  running boards, conversions parts accessories, conversion vans,  van customizing, custom vans rv air conditioning, truck running boards, Glaval

 Revelation 1993-1996



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revelation years 1993-1996

mark III revelation years 1993-1996



This light is 100 times brighter than your original, and will not rust and rot the way the original did.  a small amount of filing is required for the installation. You will need to open the hole about one quarter inch in height to install this light. This light should last you for the lifetime of your Mark III custom vans or any other custom vehicle. It is DOT approved and will pass inspection for any and all states.

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 1994-1995 Clean Sweep

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of the pages. The download is available for free at the Acrobat website. Technical support and installation instructions are also found there.

 If you are going top have your van serviced please be advised that you must instruct the mechanic on the proper way to remove and reinstall your center caps.  The caps MUST be unscrewed with a hex or Allen key carefully.  These caps are quite brittle and if when reinstalled, the cap is to loose or too tight the cap will definitely break.  Dealers and shops have been known to try and unsnap the center cap from your rim, not realizing that there is a screw.  They have also told the customer that they are not responsible for the breakage if this does happen. Please take the time to educate your installer and you will save yourself a lot of grief and expense. If they have already broken your center caps, we always  have them in stock.

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Many of the rear air/heat systems on the market today pull the air first through the single combination heater-A/C coil into the blowers. The air is then sent into the distribution ducts. This is a very common approach in order to package all the components into a small space. The negative side of this approach is that the air passes through the heater section, then the A/C section, and then passes around the blower motor where it picks up additional heat from the motor. This arrangement also is extremely sensitive to any air-intake leakage around the blower housing, which dilutes the conditioned air and increases the discharge temperature.